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Business Phone System Details

Your Nextiva Office plan comes with dozens of features, including the following favorites:

Amazing Service
Our knowledgeable & dedicated Support Team is always available to assist you.

Auto Attendant
Instant automated greetings let callers know they reached the right department.

Call Forwarding
Redirect to a third party destination such as a phone number or extension.

HD Voice Quality
Eliminate static and service degradation. It's like you're in the same room as the caller.

Instant Conference Calls
Select two calls from the call console and connect them with one click!

Number Portability
Keep your current phone numbers and simply transfer them to your Office plan.

Shared Call Appearance
Make and receive calls from multiple locations and it always shows as your number.

Unified Communications
Combine voice, video, mobile, and web collaboration in one complete system.

Voicemail to email
Access your voicemail messages from your email account to stay connected 24/7.


Top 5 Reasons Companies Choose Nextiva

  1. 80,000 Customers
  2. NextOS Platform
  3. No Setup Fees
  4. Unified Communications
  5. 60% Cost Savings
Nextiva App The Nextiva App
The Nextiva App is the hub for your communication needs, combining voice, video and instant messaging into a single application. Access all of your communication services from your desk phone, desktop, or mobile phone unsing any Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, or Android platform. All devices are simultaneously synced to the cloud, and the Nextiva App is free as a Nextiva Office user.

We offer Business Phone Systems for as low as $19.99 per month. Request a free quote or call us to learn more.

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